This picture is taken a couple of days ago, when the weather actually was pretty good. This was taken pretty late though, so I was basically freezing my feet off while eating ice cream before dinner haha. I can't wait until I actually can sit outside with no jacket and eat ice cream. Right now I'm just sitting here at home in Ängelholm. I took the train back yesterday and I forgot how painful the 3,5 hour train ride home is. Later today I'm going out to town with my sister since they have a "girls night" today with a lot of offers in the stores!





So I just finished my second exam, finally free! At least until May, which is also when I'm going to Cyprus with my family. I can't wait to take a break from Sweden's cold weather. I just want to feel the sun and get tan haha. So after Cyprus I'm having another 2 exams and after that I'm probably going to work a couple of weeks before I head to New York with my two sisters and then finally back to San Francisco to Aaron. Right now I'm just waiting for my friend to finish and then we are getting lunch at the sushi place me and Aaron went to. It's sunny out so I might just take a walk or go to the gym before I my friend finishes her exam.




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Leaving Sweden


Today, a piece of me left back to the States. Here are two pictures from his stay here. The sushi place is called Tokyo 18 and their lunch is really good. The interior of the restaurant is really nice. It was pretty crowded, but with help we got a table. Service was really good! Right now I'm just going to focus on studying, I had an exam Saturday and the next upcoming exam is this Friday on Macroeconomics.




Hey! It's been a while since last post. I've been pretty busy, with upcoming exams and Aaron coming to Sweden. But we started a Youtube channel and so for we have filmed one video. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button!





Happy 20th birthday to the boy I'm glad to call mine. He is the most loving and kind person I've ever met and is not only my boyfriend but also a best friend. I can't believe I will see him next week, words can't describe how excited I am! It's going to be an awesome week starting in Stockholm and then here in Jönköping...





Today I had dinner with Anna-Bella and Miranda, my corridor mates. The first picture is the appetizer called Bryggan skagenbräda and the entrée was pokeé bowl. I thought it was pretty good, but the rice was a little bit too sticky for my liking. I also noticed that they have a lot of FIKA, so I need to go there some other time. I think it'll be a good spot to sit and study while having a coffee and nice view.



Here are two pictures from my trip to Warszawa, Poland. Not your usual tourist place, but it was cheap and we needed to get away from school and Sweden. Warszawa was not bad, we lived next to a three story mall and two train stations away from the old town and royal castle. Food was cheap which is also nice! Now to my story that starts with us checking out from the hotel on the Sunday afternoon. We ordered a taxi at the reception and told them to drive to the airport. 20 minutes later, we arrived to Chopin and at ryanair's check-in desk we were informed that we were at the wrong airport. Panic-stricken me runs out to catch a taxi. I remember clearly that I said "We need to get to the other airport, FAST". The taxi driver laughed and said "No problem" and we got into the car. We were lucky to get a taxi driver that broke almost every rule possible, driving on the roadside and driving 180 km/h on a 90 km/h road. What was going to be a 50 minute ride was cut down to maybe 30 minutes. It's funny when I think of it now but at that time we were so nervous that we would miss our flight. We ended up paying a lot for our taxi and at the airport we had to throw away our vodka because we couldn't check in our big luggage. At least we got back to Sweden that day. Lesson learned! - Always check which airport you're going to when traveling!





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